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VT154 Audible Voltage Continuity Tester-Solenoid Type

  • Three voltage indications: Solenoid vibration sensing, electronic neon, visual indication and audible buzzer.
  • Positive AC/DC voltage identification:
    6 to 600 Volts 60/50 Hz.
  • Automatic testing for continuity through 300k ohms.
  • Electronic buzzer indication for AC/DC voltage and continuity.
  • Positive or negative DC pole identified by neon lamp.
  • Replaceable leads.
  • Retractable and locking, spring-loaded shrouds protecting metal probes.
  • Durable metal probes capable of piercing insulation covered conductors.
  • Self-extinguishing, high impact sealed case and prod assemblies preventing dirt, dust and small objects from entering the tester.
  • Includes A76 batteries.
  • Provisions for quick prod storage in case.
  • Case serves as prod holder for one handed operation.
  • Test lead strain relief assembly.
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • VT154LL Heavy duty leather case.
  • VT154B Replacement batteries.

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